Lost Art Cultured Foods

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Organic Cultured Veggies

People have been fermenting vegetables for thousands of years as a traditional method of preservation and maintaining good health. Fermented Foods are special foods, full of natural probiotics that will not only delight your taste buds and bring zest to your cooking, but nourish your body and promote intestinal well-being!

 Veggies, Sea Salt and Spices, that's it!

All Lost Art products are raw, never heated, and full of beneficial live cultures! We use the traditional method of massaging sea salt into veggies and never add anything artificial. 

Local & Organic

We use organic produce in all our products and source from small New England Farms whenever  our veggies are in season. We work with local farmers and markets to make sure you're getting the freshest, healthiest fermented products and supporting your local food system.

Hand Made with Love

Lost Art was started by Padraic and Kaylyn Keane in 2015. They mix every batch by hand at their facility in Cranston, Rhode Island.